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Subjects with skin type I, II, III, IV or V according to the Fitzpatrick Skin Phototype Classification scale. The Fitzpatrick skin photo type definitions are based on the first approximately 45 minutes of sun exposure :

  • Type I: Always burns easily: never tans
  • Type II: Always burns easily: tans minimally
  • Type III: Burns moderately: tans gradually
  • Type IV: Burns minimally: always tan well
  • Type V: Rarely burns; tans profusely
  • Type VI: Never burns: deeply pigmented
The original publication gives the first exposure as occurring in Spring, i.e. no sun exposure for some time.

Questions to ask.

  1. If you were to lay out in the sun in this country for the first time in Spring, say for about 45 minutes; would you burn easily?
  2. Do you tan?
So Type V rarely burns and tans very easily (brown skin)
Could be Asian, North African, Mixed race, darker skinned Mediterranean.